Thursday, August 7, 2008

high expectations

Are we kidding ourselves as marketers when we create ads that ask consumers to cut out part of it to stick to their refrigerators?


Who is going to cut out a sticker that says "My first 6 lbs. toward a healthier me?" Thank you SlimFast. I love when I find those websites that were clearly created to make to client happy and whose games have like 40 plays. 39 of which were played by the account team, the last one by some truly bored kid whose mother happens to work on the campaign. I wonder... if marketers are speaking to marketers in their promotions do some people feel as though they are being ignored? Is there a whole slue of people out there who feel neglected by brands that don't ask them to be their best friend and write about their best bra day? As my buddy Joe puts it “I don’t want be your friend, I just want to buy your toilet paper or your hockey stick not be your friend...ok, maybe not the hockey stick." The mass popularity of branding and positioning ourselves in consumers’ minds has placed incredibly high expectations on consumers and agencies. The big question is, how much of this translates into sales? Is it all paying off?

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