Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hip, trendy, basic

The basic necessities that all living people have (otherwise they wouldn't be alive) are:

1. Shelter
2. Water
3. Food

It seems like it would be counterintuitive then that in the 2000s this items have gone from hot commodities, to just hot.

We've seen luxury, elitism and high prices placed on these items. Think about it - luxury is diamonds and Aston Martins, and come....

Shelter - "The Small Movement" - It was all about compact homes/living spaces. Look at The Pod Hotel - everything is tiny and that is what makes it so damn cool.

Water - flavored, filtered, sparkling, enhanced, bottled, gourmet, find an adjective that makes your nose snub the ceiling and it can be attached to some stylish water brand.

Food - from celebrities writing cookbooks and 'Julia and Julia,' to the sexy Anthony Bourdain

Is it possible that these items will ever become passe? That water will once again just be water?

Anyone have an idea how this came about?