Sunday, August 24, 2008

frivolous necessities

Someone told me recently that you don't need to use toothpaste to clean your teeth. Toothpaste is marketing genius in that case. Make up a product that people use frequently and make it seem like a necessity. Now, I'm sure that is not how toothpaste came about, but you can just picture four suit-clad guys in a board room somewhere 50 years ago scheming...

What other types of products do we have that are completely unnecessary but we feel we couldn't do without? People always say that Hallmark created Valentine's Day as a chance to sell more cards. What about socks? They may be necessary in winter but with canvas shoes? Canvas is cotton and so are your, I'm not sold on that one either...I'm sure unnecessary necessities will pop up at me over the next few days, as for now they allude me behind their guise of marketing genius. Damn you Crest.

1 comment:

Claire Dalton said...

is that really true? im so ashamed. i'm allergic to the foaming agent in toothpaste so i even have to buy a special kind because im lame.

man. i hope thats not true. so much wasted money.