Monday, January 11, 2010

tell the tube you've had enough

Starting a movement when the world got their entertainment through the tube was as simple as giving a good speech. But now everything is a moment or is attempting to start a movement. We're all mad as hell and yelling out the window is pointless, no one would be able to hear you over their ipod headphones or ringing cellphones. We're all in our own little movements standing for what we believe in, even if we don't really know what the hell that is. Insanity ensues.

What's especially neat about this clip is if you go to Youtube and look at the comments, it's making people think. It applies ever more today and we still don't know how to respond or take control of the messages we are receiving.

Monday, January 4, 2010

colorful emotions

First post of 2010!

Just found this book called We Feel Fine that explores emotions through blogging. Beautifully done. One of the 10 trends to watch in 2010 according to JWT is new forms and uses of visual data.