Friday, March 27, 2009

strike a pose

Read two posts about poses that people strike for their Facebook/MySpace profiles that are hilarious.

The first is by my friend Alex Aloise for, a website where 7 dudes all respond to a single topic that's chosen by readers every week.
Check out the link, he's got a bunch of them, I'm hoping he makes it into a book someday.

The other was on my new favorite blog (of this week anyways): 2birds1blog.

Monday, March 16, 2009

en vogue

My fashion presentation was featured on the fashion section of the other day. I uploaded it three days ago and as of now it's had 139 views. Not bad. I'm a little worried it's not as followable without the voice-over, but I did a damn good job art directing that presentation and don't want to kill it by adding bullet points of what was said. Bullet points are the route of all evil.


Here's a new techie vocab word for ya. FISI, pronounced like fizzy, stands for: fuck it, ship it.

It's used by web designers when they have been working on a site for a client and come to realize that they could sit there and toggle left and right forever. They know that they can make small changes later, after the site has launched. So they say it, fuck it, send this off to the client.

Friday, March 6, 2009

random and weird

I am having the strangest luck. A week ago my car was side-swiped, luckily I wasn't in the car, it was just parked on my street. However, the result was a broken mirror and I can't open my drivers side door. (You can just imagine the looks I've been getting as I climb in through the passenger side...)

Today I was meeting my insurance guy to assess the damage, I walked outside and what to my wandering eyes should appear, but I've just (luckily) missed a big car crash on the corner of 1st and Grace. The crash literally happened around my car and somehow my car didn't get hit. I'm not sure how the crash went down, but an old lady went up onto the sidewalk and into a fence. Had she not veered (or been pushed, I don't know) right, she would have slammed into the back of my car and my car would have gone into the brand new BMW parked in front of me.

Here's where the situation gets random. Sitting in my car, waiting for the insurance guy to finish typing up the report, I see a group of five round the corner. I'm watching them walk and talk and suddenly realize that I know one of them! It's Frank Gregory! Frank is an Adcenter alum and I met him through a mutual friend this summer in NYC. Frank and his friends are in town for the CAA Basketball tournament and staying at the hotel that is next to my building!

So weird. A strange mixture of good luck and bad luck. Hoping anymore strange events that decide to go down today will be good ones.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Got the hair did today and found my new favorite salon. It's called Wack Salon, the conversation is of bar names and films with too many endings (think the last LOTR). They have a salon dog and the owner's philosophy on work is: if feels like a job, get out.

When Wack owner Lee realized that he saw soo many single people he figured he may as well set them up. So he created the "Hot Lover" Facebook group. The idea is, you identify yourself as a hot lover and see if there is anyone else in the group you'd be interested in going on a date with. Once you find someone, you meet at Wack, chill at a table in the back, drink champagne and have your hair styled/blown out all on the house.

Although no one has ever done it, I think it's a cool experimental concept. And if you're tired of the bar scene, why not?

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Brazil, Russia, India, and China — already cooler than you"

Quick post while I watch my website load sloooowly. Just discovered this site called BRIC Pop. As their headline puts it: "The next 40 years of global pop culture will be built with four BRICs." Should be a great resources for all those in Global Branding this semester. Seems to have a lot to explore.

This gives me an idea. What if we did a set of 4 documentaries, each introducing one of the BRICs. It would be like Travel Channel meets the Economist... maybe after they've each had a few drinks. Could be fun to explore as side project after getting a job!