Friday, September 19, 2008

the here and now

Sorry for the hiatus. School. It's my only excuse. Could there ever be a better one when you go to Brandcenter? Here's what I've been up to...

Today Jakob Trollback from Trollback + Co. spoke at Culture Crash. Soft-spoken yet powerful I found his work incredibly inspiring. It reminded me of what I love about graphic design and how good the creative executions side of the industry I am entering can be. Loved this spot for Pop!Tech 06: Open. They are very conscious of the power of music and consequently their work would be powerful even if you had your eyes closed.

Media assignment: Working with a non-profit website whose aim is to get ordinary people to do good things. Trying to give their site real function and meaning to people who do want to do good things.

Fashion assignment: Falling in love further with things I can't have. Exploring theories on fashion and amazing photography. I know I have stumbled upon something good when 20 minutes feels like two. I love this girl Johanni's flickr account. She realized that she wasn't wearing everything in her closet so she created a mini-project for herself called 'the wardrobe project.' She is going through her closet one garment a day, building an outfit around it and documenting it with a photo. She has some amazing clothes and is a total classic beauty. I'm inspired by this idea, but not enough to do it myself as half of the time I am wearing sweatpants these days.

Assignment for Rick's class: My group is working on Scope. We're trying to shake up the aged image of Scope and bring some vibrancy into the mouthwash category. My strategy is a hybrid kind of like "the method and axe of mouthwashes." No, I promise that's not the line. No I don't think the company would actually do something like this but that's what's great about doing work that is hypothetical. You can be daring, do something crazy and fun for creatives.

Outside work: Soon to be starting a project outside school for a small bank in Richmond to get small businesses to bank with them. We have formed a small agency basically and will be working with two great advisors: Caley Cantrell and Kelly O'Keefe. Really looking forward to this one. Still doing some research for Naked here and there.

Might head out to Belle Isle today to enjoy the last of the summer sun. Can't believe how great the weather here has been.