Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hang this in your closet

Assignment in Cultural Explorations class: Give a 3 hour presentation on fashion.

The topic of the presentation is broad and I need to find a topic that focuses it. I am currently contemplating how "recycling" could be the concept of the presentation. Here are a few ways I think this could work:

1. The recycling of trends/decades - Sartorialist's coverage of Stockholm shows beautiful 40s fashion

2. How a concept cycles out -The cycling of design concepts from the designer down into TJ Maxx. This could include the scene from "The Devil Wears Prada" where Meryl Streep talks about the significance of cerulean (for a chick flick, amazingly insightful scene)

3. The literal recycling of clothes - thrift store fashion and the creativity that some employe to make amazing outfits out of old garbs.

4. And of course, recycled goods going into clothes or as I'd like to call it "fashion with a conscious." Could include Vegan goods by Natalie Portman.
I want to avoid too much "green" talk though, I'm sure people are tired of having green shoved down their throats.

Still thinking, still searching, open for any and all recommendations!

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Claire Dalton said...

In regards to your second topic, here's something related to consider. The translation of high-fashion to more accessible locations/brands-- think Target's "Design for All" theme that has brought designers like Isaac Mizrahi to their clothing selection, Vera Wang selling a line at Kohl's, etc.

Designers recycling their own ideas for low-cost options.

Also interesting to think about the fact that low-cost brands such as Xhilaration and Mossimo imitate higher-cost designs. The equivalent of everyone designing electronics after the visage of Apple products and even the ubiquity of the "i(Blank)."