Tuesday, September 15, 2009

fitz goes to the MTV VMAs

A few FAQs about my experience going to the MTV Video Music Awards:

How’d you get in?
A friend had a ticket he couldn’t use. The funny thing is, it was through the Richard Brand fan club. Now, I’m not up on my U.K. pop-culture, so I didn’t know if that was a person or a brand called Richard. However, I am now in a photo somewhere describing me as a member of the Richard Brand fan club (if someone finds, please send!). Turns out Sir Brand was hosting the show. I found him annoying. Thanks for the ticket anyways Dick.

Where did you sit?

Hahaha. Hmmm. Ah Dick. You see, Richard was supposed to save seats for his beloved fan club, but that must have slipped his mind. The fifty of us lucky winners got into Radio City Music Hall and were dragged from one side of the theater to the other and back again, field trip style.

After a while of this I got fed up, saw an empty seat and jumped into it. What I did realize is that I had just hopped into the ‘seat filler’ section. Seat fillers, selected through submitting a photo to MTV, are placed throughout the theater where there is an empty seat or if someone decides to go to the bathroom.

I went from being a nomad to having a great seat. But no, I didn’t sit next to any celebrities. : )

Did you see any celebrities?

I did. Many. During the field trip portion of the experience, I walked past Beyoncee (gorgeous woman), the actress who plays Blair Waldorf walked by, Taylor Swift with a very hurt facial expression climbed down the stars by me and I was standing in Adam Brody’s way. There were also a few MTV reality TV show stars wandering around - the brunette model from NYC show with Whitney from ‘The Hills.’ Those were the closest encounters. Otherwise they were in and around the theater. As you can pry tell though, I don’t do celeb names well and thus a few familiar faces were lost on me.

Two things that jumped out at me:

The quality of the screen!! The screen hanging in the back of the stage from which they project all of the videos is amazing! Crystal-clear quality. I swear I’ve never seen better.

How vigorously the crowd booed and raised their 'thumbs-down' at every mention of Kanye’s name or his videos. I wasn't surprised at how pissed everyone was, just how strongly, quickly and frequently they were up in arms.

Photos from my phone: http://bit.ly/NGyBk

If you have any other questions. Please feel free to submit. : )

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