Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the counter-intuitive cuppa

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Starbucks has just introduced its first instant coffee product, Via. Via, meaning “road” in Italian, is meant to be a quick grab for those on the go. The company will be selling the product at their stores, Target, Costco, outdoor gear shop REI and on United Airlines flights.

There are three things I find very contradictory about this product and it’s parent brand, Starbucks.

Via doesn’t belong on the shelves in Starbucks. The store locations, designed to be comfortable spaces where customers could sit and relax, reflect a brand you spend time with. The core idea of Via is ‘on the go’ making it a sore thumb in the store.

Starbucks has suffered in the recession as customers head to McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts for a cheaper cup of coffee. There is the understanding that at Starbucks you are getting the quality that you are paying for. Via is less than one dollar for a cup of coffee and while it may be a competitor at gas stations, cheap is not a value one attributes with Starbucks.

Despite the fact that families have cut back on road trips, Starbucks is promoting its ‘road coffee’ by filming two people on a road-trip. The duo road-tripped throughout North America to hand out the coffee and explore the scenery.

Taste test the instant cuppa at Starbucks locations October 2 - 5 and receive a free cup of the brewed stuff.

*Thanks Platypusrex256 for the suggestion. Adding this video from the road trip series.

**Update: I tried it! It's actually not that bad... just make sure to use enough water.
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