Monday, September 21, 2009


A couple trends we've seen popping up recently in society:

Loss of a filter
- South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson yelling "You lie!" during President Obama's speech to congress
- Kanye Interrupting Tayor Swift at the MTV VMAs
- Williams at the tennis match

Having the ability to broadcast our opinions the moment they are formulated in our heads has become easier than perhaps it should be. Taking the time to allow our consciousness to filter through our powerful words has been annihilated by our own expectations to stay current and react immediately.

Web: Integration through location
- The progression of map-based technology (such as geo-tagging) has allowed for online ads to incorporate a target's location into the message. We see, more and more, ads that directly link to maps showing where a brand's retail stores are near us.

Tools that brands provide online will be more useful and apply more to the user through this technology. One site for example, All for Good, uses IP Addresses and maps to help users find places to volunteer. Twitter is moving into geo-Tweeting. We will see this technology moving into all pieces of brand communication. Watch for over-lays on Youtube music videos that give you info about local music venues where that artist is playing.

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