Wednesday, September 23, 2009

gaming should be fun, not intrusive

Playing an online game should not lead you to have to apologize to your friends. Thanks to MobsterWorld however, I feel as though I owe all of my Twitter followers a big apology.

The damn thing took over my Twitter account, sent tweets to all of my followers trying to get them to join and tweeted each move that I made in the 5 minutes I spent playing. That's embarrassing. You shouldn't have to be embarrassed because you interacted with a game. Whereas MobsterWorld may see this as a way to gain users, they are actually putting themselves out in an extremely negative light. People will accept, play once, be angry, disable the game on their account and never go back.

Games via Twitter is a big potential market. It allows for interesting social experiments too; think about how you could prove the '6 Links to Kevin Bacon' theory. But a game has to think less like a virus and more like a console.

And just for the record, I did not rob any houses.

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