Monday, October 5, 2009

trend: praise for thrift in clothing

Since the accusations of Sarah Palin being a hypocrite - speaking as an average American mom and then spending $150k on one outfit - the clothing on celebs has been a hot issue. Mrs. Obama was praised for getting her outfit at J. Crew and spending like an 'average American' woman, not a high-rolling star.

Apparently this kind of commentary has traveled across the pond. Just saw on, a post about the Conservative Party leader's wife, Samantha Cameron. She was photographed wearing a pair of shoes that cost 29 English pounds. The post goes on and on about how pragmatic this shoe choice is and how she pulled together more than one outfit by wearing these shoes.
Gotta love how a show of thrift can be applauded.


golublog said...

They just had a post on jezebel about all the recessionista articles in glamour and the like where the writers praise themselves for only splurging once a month on $500 dollar shoes. At least this is a somewhat plausible thrifty sum.

Call me Fitz. said...

Hi Golublog,

Thanks for your comment! Totally agree with you - spending 30 pounds on shoes isn't ridiculous at all. What's funny is how that pair of shoes has helped formulate a country's opinion on that one politician. It shows that simple choices that a politician (or brand) makes can be news-worthy, praise-worthy and help you gain fans/voters. Even if that choice was as simple and small as "what shoes should I wear today."

Read the article I linked to, it's really quite funny how much emphasis is paid on the shoes. : )