Tuesday, June 9, 2009

better at what cost?

Every year Apple drops news of its newest treasure during the much anticipated annual conference at which Jobs himself gives a speech. The new iPhone is soon to arrive much to the joy of those who have 200 bucks to drop on gadgets.

While the excitement created each year guarantees PR for the company it also presents the threat of a total flop for the new gadget when it cannot out-do the release of the previous year or meet the high expectations of those in waiting.

The continuity of such releases also presents a problem in the long run because it may train consumers to expect new releases and not spend money on the previous models in the months leading up to the new release.

Aside from potential issues for Apple, what will we do with the growing trash piles of phones left for the new models?

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Chris said...

You're right about the technology part. No company can be innovative forever. If Apple is expected to always outdo themselves, eventually they will disappoint.

As for the sales, I think they can take into account people's buying habits and how they change after big announcements. In fact, they've already lowered the price of the 3G to $99.