Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Got the hair did today and found my new favorite salon. It's called Wack Salon, the conversation is of bar names and films with too many endings (think the last LOTR). They have a salon dog and the owner's philosophy on work is: if feels like a job, get out.

When Wack owner Lee realized that he saw soo many single people he figured he may as well set them up. So he created the "Hot Lover" Facebook group. The idea is, you identify yourself as a hot lover and see if there is anyone else in the group you'd be interested in going on a date with. Once you find someone, you meet at Wack, chill at a table in the back, drink champagne and have your hair styled/blown out all on the house.

Although no one has ever done it, I think it's a cool experimental concept. And if you're tired of the bar scene, why not?

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