Thursday, February 12, 2009

sketchin' yo

Hall & Partners, a research firm, came and spoke to my strategy class. They were great, very inspiring with their take on research. One of the things that they hit on was this video from TED by Tim Brown, the CEO of Ideo. Brown proves through having the audience draw their neighbor in 30 seconds that we fear the judgement of our peers. At the end of the 30 seconds, the crowd was laughing from embarrassment and apologizing for their renditions. Brown says that if you do this experiment with children you will get a completely different respoonse. Kids will show their drawing to whomever will look. As kids grow older and hit puberty, they begin to fear that judgement. He says that you need that sense of security as an adult working in a creative business. We need to feel comfortable when showing our work to others.

This discussion was very relevant to me as that night I attended another Dr. Sketchy's drawing event. The theme was "the prom your mother warned you about." I decided to go ahead and post a couple of my drawings.

Next month's theme is "Betty Page tribute."

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