Monday, July 14, 2008

going postal

I know snail mail has been out since 1995, but regardless of how quickly I can send an email, there is something about a written letter than can never be beat. I practically can’t pass the mailbox without checking to see what could be in it. So recently when I went to send a letter to a family member I realized how scarce good ol’ traditional mailboxes are. This not only made me sad, but frustrated as I marched around the city, letter in hand, resolute that it was going in the mailbox. After 6 blocks of wandering I decided to start a movement to bring back the box. Let’s go grassroots here people, get out your stamps and start sending letters, chain yourself to a mailbox. I’m thinking bumper stickers “ Support your mailman, stick something in his box,” a mailbox locator website/iPhone widget. I am also looking for help in creating a tribute to the mailbox. I’m thinking multi-media or a folk guitarist and a contortionist. If this could somehow be tied to global warming that would be great, please send all ideas.

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