Wednesday, March 26, 2008

lose weight and help the environment INSTANTLY

With all this talk about sustainability and obesity in America, the roads in cities across the U.S. are strating to look like a Critical Mass take over during rush hour. People are switching from ethanol fuel to adrenaline, getting exercise during their daily commute and goodwill from mother earth. In Portland, OR, an actual bike gang has locked their bikes together to have a secret meeting a bar. This is no ordinary gang though...this is a gang of liberal, earth-lovers. Don't tell Bush, he would want to bomb them. Interested in joining? Don't worry about having to cut anyones ear off, just head here for info: The funny thing is that when people do get into buying bikes, they don't accept just any ol' Huffy; these people spend a couple thousand dollars on their bikes. A friend of mine works in a shop,, that sells bike parts and small pieces that I fail to notice, that cost several hundred dollars. Bikes range from the functional, to the bizarre. I found this guy in a parking lot. He was really cool and showed us how to get up on one of these 7ft. tall bad boys. Maybe I'll figure that out on my next trip to Portland. Or when I get over my fear of bikes... whichever comes first. Start taking bets.

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