Wednesday, March 12, 2008

african peanut soup

This morning I walked 19 blocks to get to Crema, a coffeehouse in Portland, OR where I am spring breaking. If I had not done this walk though, I think my friend Cameron would have kicked me out of his apartment. On my walk I saw a cooperative workers bike shop and was mistaken for someone else by a woman driving by.

Crema Cafe 2728 Ankeny st. Portland, OR
My trip thus far has been amazing though. Here are some things I have noticed:
1. The people living here couldn't be happier anywhere else. They don't talk about what's wrong with the city and how and when they are going to make their escape, they look for what is good and relish it.
2. I have yet to hear bad music. I want a running soundtrack of all the tunes I hear around this place.
3. Latte art! I will post a picture of the latte I got the other day, it's amazing. They use the foam to create a picture, typically some type of leaf.

Currently still working on my book, getting it printed is going to be an adventure...

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