Friday, May 7, 2010

dream on dreamers

Weird mix of reality and dreams for me. Was filling out the entry form to win HGTV's dream house. Every year they build an amazing house in a picturesque location, fill it with top furniture and then give it away for free. If that isn't good enough, they also give the winner a new car and $100,000 cash. I noticed a poll next to the entry form asking "what will you do with the $100,000?" I was surprised to see that the answer with the highest votes what "pay off debt." '

That website was all about dreams - dreaming of starting a new life where you live in a perfect house in a lovely neighborhood. Clearly though the more we see we could have the more we realize we lack. Seems like so many dreamers out there find their realities too heavy to dream with abandon.


kellylynnwright said...

i agree. dreaming as an adult seems to carry with it a shitty cut off point or an impasse of sorts.

my first couple days in LA, i went with an old friend to a gallery opening featuring children's book writers/illustrators. there were free copies of this one book 'an awesome book.'

you can check it here:

love it because it is written for droolers as well as for adults. but its premise is that dreaming can (and will) lose its edge, its wit, its specialness and bizarreness, and that we can't let that happen. crazy is essential.

hope you enjoy-- i think it's something youd dig.

Call me Fitz. said...

Love that: "crazy is essential." Have added it to my 'fav quotes' on FB, tumbled it and tattooed it on my arm in an ancient tribal sharpie method.

Glad to hear you are finding the good in LA!!! Want to follow your adventures and findings, is there a place online where you'll compile?

Checking out the book, love the illustrations! Love how it points out that we dream of finding regular. We dream of consistency, control and seek 'manageable.' It's funny how those simple things can be soo hard to reach and dreaming of them makes us feel more hopeless and frustrated. When we start thinking about jelly bean cars and magic watermelon boats it removes us from the banality that the daily struggle puts on our shoulders. Just the act of dreaming bizarre can be a stress reliever.

"Fight against the dying of the light!"