Wednesday, March 3, 2010

virtual latte anyone?

Just read this article in fast company about BooYah, a location based service that is now partnered with H&M to offer discounts on clothes for those checked-in. This is very similar to what Foursquare is working at.

I recently learned about how on another location-based service, Gowalla, you can leave virtual items in the ether of a space you've checked into that another user can choose to take. It's all fake little gidgets, say I leave a teddy bear and someone else who checks in can take that and leave a toy train. This makes me think of Second Life and how real currency is converted to digital currency and whole businesses are run across the bizarre platform. Wondering if that's where Gowalla's idea may head next? Could they release items virtually, only in specific venues that people could buy/sell? Granted buying a virtual cup of coffee while standing in a coffee shop may not be as enjoyable as buying the physical version, but I feel like there's something in that. Want to discuss and explores possibilities in this.

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