Sunday, April 5, 2009

love. actually.

I've never had a lot of trouble letting go. I've moved quite a bit in my life and met a lot of people (I have more than 1300 facebook friends and only about 5 of them are strangers that friended me and I wasn't sure if I knew them.)

But I am becoming increasingly aware as graduation nears, that the Brandcenter is going to be the hardest thing i've ever had to let go of.

I guess the real reason why I've never had trouble letting go is because I never believed that anything was permanent from the beginning. I start phases of my life with a clear understanding that it has an ending. And although I knew the Brandcenter was a 2 year program, I am realizing that the friendships that I have made here will be ones I hold onto indefinitely. These people will be constantly coming in and out of my life because 1. it's a small industry and 2. in the U.S. there are basically 4 big cities we'll be concentrated in. L.A., San Fran, Chicago and NYC.

New york being the biggest for our industry and because I know I'll always have friends there and because I lived there last summer, it's the one I feel most comfortable moving to. I love new york. Really. It surprised me, but it happened, I fell in love.

I guess that's my problem in general, love. Falling in love with the Brandcenter, it's people and the drive it gives me. Falling in love with the inspiration that I get from NYC. Love is a problem because it's hard to shrug off and move past.


kevin said...

The amazing thing about being an adcenter ... er ... brandcenter alumn is that no matter what city I'm traveling in, I have a friend to get a beer with.

I think the good news about graduating is that you can start thinking about real life again. Advertising is a weird thing to think about 24-hours a day. It's oppressive, and sometimes people lose perspective on things when they are surrounded by advertising and it's people 24-hours a day.

Congrats on your almost graduation ... let me know if you'll be in San Francisco at all.

mistermcneilo said...

best of luck katie as graduation nears. hope to keep in touch!

pak said...

Come to NYC!

Also, Faris says that Dunbar's number -- "the theoretical limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain a group relationship" -- is increasing because of tools like Facebook and Twitter. So maybe there's increasingly less of a need to let go? Because you can more easily stay in touch?