Tuesday, December 2, 2008

go fish

I have a love hate relationship with fishing. I love the idea of kicking back with a friend on a lovely summer afternoon, passing the time by watching the water. I do not however, enjoy touching or stabbing worms hence resulting in an unsuspecting fish getting a lip piercing. Nevertheless, I find myself reading a fly fishing magazine.

http://www.thisisfly.com/ redefines the barbaric old man hobby through badass style and cool technology. The articles describing fly fishing as an addicting drug and showcasing badass young guys defying the law and urban fishing. The technology that supports it is awesome. Each edition of the magazine features a playlist that you can click on and listen to while you read. There are videos embedded in the pages. You can actually turn the pages of the magazine and the index links you directly to the article you click on. I'd love to do my portfolio using this technology!

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