Wednesday, April 16, 2008

stories that code well

A few weeks ago in my Portfolio Development class, we worked on digital storytelling for a brand. I know that I wasn't the only one that felt confused by that assignment. A few weeks after it was due though, I found a document that explains it all. What was cloudy, now is clear.
Check out the Naked site, under 'Nice Day,' you'll find a paper called "Once Upon a Time" ( The pathetic thing is that I pry read this about a year ago. If only my memory were more like an external hard-drive and all I had to do was click the find icon.
Here are some of the examples that article talks about:
BBC has created a space for Wales where the Welsh can share their stories digitally.

On the BBC site they explain how to hold digital storytelling workshops. The site goes into what kind of a venue is needed as well as how to brief storytellers.

Need something more? Check out or head to the digital drive-in at

I'm still not entirely certain what the guest teacher was looking for in regards to giving the brand a space to tell it's story. My brand was an online shopping retailer, so it lived entirely on the net. However, I guess a part of it's story could be told by the folks that shop there. Now that's something...
Now if only I had read this like a month ago...

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