Saturday, December 29, 2007

people watching at Wintergreen

the current temperature is 54 degrees and i am sitting in a ski resort in a t-shirt watching puffy burton jackets stroll past. the balding, patchy slope does not deter the hundreds of avid skiers and snowboards from getting out to practice. what has really begun to interest me are the designs on the backs of the snowboards.

imagine the process of design... the canvas, an odd shape, the implications being that this piece must function and speed and carve. this piece of art will never hang in a gallery and be admired for its ability to sit peacefully on a wall. those that stop by their local ski shop will goggle at it, dreaming of smashing it face down in the snow and speeding their way into the wind. this piece must recall the snowboarder's greatest ride, it must allow the 15 year old in the board shop to dream of being far away, doing tricks that they will never learn. only then is the piece sold. God bless burton and what he has done not only for this sport, but for graphic designers everywhere.

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